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  • December 7 2020

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    It is a test blogging

  • June 18 2019

    Edco Cleaning Products, Garden Street, Marrickville NSW, Australia
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    In recent years many global health institutions—particularly Gavi and the Global Fund—have adopted eligibility and transition frameworks for the countries they support. These frameworks lay out criteria under which countries will lose eligibility for their support, and, typically, a gradual timefram...

  • June 17 2019

    Wilson Parking Domain Car Park, Saint Marys Road, Sydney NSW, Australia
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    A lot of people think that being an entrepreneur means that I can do anything I want, anytime I want. While it’s true that I don’t have a boss who dictates my schedule, that doesn’t mean I’m just free-floating all the time—as an entrepreneur, I have learned to have a lot of self-discipline and to be...

  • June 17 2019

    Plaut IT, Martin Place, Sydney NSW, Australia
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    Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to sell your artwork or handicrafts without having to go through the gallery system or sign up for a complicated e-commerce system? Though the world is filled with platforms that make it easier to share our homes, handicrafts, and even rides to work,...

  • June 17 2019

    Eros EF3 Mall, Mathura Road, Sector 20A, Faridabad, Haryana, India
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    “These are my favorites,” said Amy Sherald, gesturing to two of her paintings on view in NMWA’s collection galleries. “It was a relief to walk in here and see these. There’s absolutely nothing that I would fix because I had all the time in the world.” After winning first prize in the 2016 Outwin Boo...

  • June 17 2019

    Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney, Margaret Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
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    We crack open the Roomba 980 for a look at the tech that makes this cloud-connected cleaner iRobot's most significant robot vacuum since the original Roomba.   Over the past decade, robotic vacuums have grown up. They've graduated from novelty household robots to efficient appliances that suck up di...

  • June 15 2019

    Camperdown NSW, Australia
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    You get up in the morning. You sleepily make your morning coffee. While you drink it, you scroll down your Facebook feed – what have your friends been up to? The social media platform has become a permanent part of our daily routine. It’s hard to imagine a world without it, isn’t it? Who doesn’t hav...